Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sing along, with the rain...

And sometimes, the rain just washes away all those tears
Pours happiness over faults and fears
It seeps through your skin and cleanses your heart
Showers on you, blessings, and becomes an irreplaceable part -
Of moments that bring peace, moments that you rejoice
The drops - they splutter-splatter and act as your inner voice
And so you sing, along with the rain
Till it makes you feel whole again

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Nothing more than a piece of meat torn to shreds,
Ragged, like the cloth that barely covers a beggar’s modesty,
Deserted, like the house after a turbulent storm,
Forgotten folklore, like a tale told in travesty.

Barren, like the infertile wastelands,
Unfinished, like Da Vinci’s ‘Adoration of the Magi’ – yearning for the stroke of that brush,
Glum, like the rainy day without the sun’s meddlesome rays,
Audacious, like that guy who tried to jumped off a cliff – yearning for a sense of that rush.

That is how I feel –
Shredded. Ragged. Deserted. Forgotten.
Barren. Unfinished. Glum. Audacious.
When “u” disappear from “us”

And our memories are nothing more than fallacious.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

That Soul to Soul Connect

At a loss of words
For a feeling so special
That tingles your insides
Yet cannot be explained
It’s warm, like an oozing chocolate cake
And glowing, like that ray of light
Which breaches through the tall trees
Mischievous, like bunking classes to go and watch your favourite movie
Joyful, like the smile on the face of the one you love
Exciting, like taking that first plunge into deep waters
Satisfying, like reading a book at a stretch
From cover to cover, on your bed –
With a cup of piping hot coffee in the other hand
You want this feeling to last forever
You want it to leave you right now
Just to see if it comes back
And yet, all of these things that make you feel so good
Cannot compare to this one feeling
The feeling of knowing
That someone knows you
That you know someone as much as you know yourself
Or even more…
A feeling that makes everything complete
And is yet more incomplete
Than anything else in the world
Leaving a desire burning inside
One that’ll never be satiated

Monday, November 11, 2013

This too shall tide!

Lurch. Swing. Side to side.
Back to front. To back. To front.
That queasy feeling,
Yeah, that’s what you're feeling –
Sometimes sickly,
Sometimes snide.

It’s a rollercoaster ride
This high-low-high life
Jerks –
The ones which are,
And the ones who are.
But keep telling yourself,
This too shall tide!

You want to get off,
You want to hold on tight.
But you’ll probably just hang on,
By the tips of your fingers.
Cold and sweaty grip, using all your might.

When it began,
You felt it too!
The rush, the joy, the excitement?
But now that you’re on the crest,
Sloping towards the trough –
And you KNOW that it’s going to get rough…

Just breathe and close your eyes,
The moment is here
Hold yourself together, dear.
Coz when all goes awry
When you’ve hit the lowest low…
And there’s nowhere lower left to go…
You’ll probably just bounce back,
Like on a trampoline!

And the ride will be over,
You’ll have accomplished this feat,
The tremors shall subside…
And you and Success and Warmth shall meet.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Searching for method in madness

Family, estranged,
Strangers, a family...
Dreams, full of hope
Hope, to get some sleep!
A place - full of scenic beauty,
And yet to be seen.
For a dazzling future,
The present - in a daze.
Captured in life's momentum,
Capturing, life's moments.
In a rush to achieve it all...
Feeling that one achievement's rush.
Waking up to the light of the Moon,
Sleeping, under the warmth of the Sun.

Ek Pehel Panah Ki

दो राह है सामने, पनाह चाहू इन राहो से
गुमराह  करने की साजीश है,
वजह से अब तक नहीं वाकिफ है
तनहा, रहने से है डरता
चाह की राह पे नहीं उतरता
दोहरा मन, आज यही दोहराएगा
गुमराह अब नहीं होंना चाहैगा
फनाह आज हो जाने दे
पनाह खुदा की पाने दे !

वक़्त बेवक्त उस राहत की तलाश थी
तन्हाई के बावजूद जल रही कहीं आग थी
जरा रुक उस आग को एक जलती मशाल बन जाने दे
इन मशालो की रौशनी में पनाह आज पाने दे !!

तेज बह रही इस अश्रुधार को थम जाने दे
पलकों पे कुछ बूँद आंसू ठहर जाने दे
इन आंसुओं मैं ही तो खवाहिशों का समंदर झिलमिलायेगा,
सपनो के मिल जाने पे ही तो ये दिल सुकून पायेगा
हर रोज जज्बातों के सजदे में ये सर झुकाने दे!
पनाह खुदा की पाने दे...
पनाह खुदा की पाने दे...

The Name Poem

Each line starts with the initials of my name...
(for a competition)

Accouter yourself for the challenges life may throw,
Your endurance with every such situation should grow,
Unbridled, should your spirits forever be,
Spunk and fervor in your walk one must see,
Hire inventiveness,
Impair fear!

Rouse charm,
Obviate harm…
Highs and lows are just a part of life,
In which lie the beauty of joy and strife…
Rummage through your heart for the key,
Always, you’ll find, that success will agree!