Saturday, June 27, 2015

The third home - Bangalore (Part #1)

So Shillong became "home away from home" after Mumbai.

Bangalore comes a close 3rd, with its 'go green, go clean' approach to the city life. Despite the heavy traffic and overcrowded hangout areas, the city lets you BREATHE. Inhale. Exhale. Nice and slow. I cannot say much about the *happening* Indiranagar-ites, but life at Sadashiva Nagar is pretty fine. The relaxed, bathe-in-the-sun types.

You might ask - What is better than a Saturday spent doing laundry (in the machine), sleeping and grooving to your favourite music on YouTube?

Well, a Saturday spent doing laundry (in the machine), sleeping and grooving to your favourite music on YouTube AND...

Shopping and eating at Malleshwaram (the closest Sadashiva Nagar gets to the populace and hustle-bustle of the city)! One would think that life in big cities like Bangalore is all about malls (read Mantri Mall, Malleshwaram) and QSRs. To the contrary, my roomie Divya and I spent half the day today exploring the streets for some amazing shopping and culinary delights, which suited both, our tastes as well as our pockets.

To begin with, we alighted bus no. 104 from Sadashiva Nagar right outside a flashy board that screamed "Gol Guppa - 5 pieces for Rs.10".

To good to be true? Wait for it. It was too tasty to be true and sure did spark the energy in us to kick off our shopping and eating spree from there on. Our next stop was a place called 'Samosa Corner'. Smartly located opposite Nataraj Talkies, which was showing a Tamil movie, the crowd that seems to be frequenting this place is the local crowd who queue up in large numbers to grab some hot samosas, kachoris and gulab jamuns dunked in sweet syrup with almost double the thickness, that looks very alluring.

It is rightly called 'Samosa Corner' because the samosas are a must-have. DO NOT go by the look of the tiny shop, the guy speaks chaste English and will customize your order right down to the choice of chutney. He will break the samosa in this peculiar way and sprinkle the yummy chutney on top of it in a very even fashion.Once you've savored the samosas, your palette can either settle for the "haat kaapi" available at Kaapi Katte on the opposite side, or you can continue your journey. It is advised to walk RIGHT PAST the mall, unless you want to spend *yet another* weekend going up and down escalators, burning away your hard-earned salary.

Opposite the mall is a park, outside which we saw a small shoe stall with some really nice ballerina shoes and mojris at rates like Rs. 150-200. WORTH EVERY PAISA. Do find your size and buy them. They'll go well with those branded jeans, as they will with your patiala suit.

Moving on, we crossed many stores and exhibition-stalls with good collections of tops and t-shirts for girls, where we picked up few trendy tops for as little as INR 350 each. Vibrant colors, nice designs and good material. Not branded, but every street-shoppers haven. A bite of bhutta (roasted corn) with masala and a dash of nimboo are not to be missed, while you immerse yourself in the shopping. I also loved the two stylish jute bags that I picked up for Rs. 150 each after a little bit of bargaining and sweet-talking to the vendors, who are quite friendly and don't mind cracking a joke or two. And in English, yes. (Language is something I had thought I might face trouble with).

We stopped by at many of these vendors who were selling beautiful dangling earrings and junky jewelry and wallets, but despite the "awwwww" moments we had, neither of us bought any because we both are allergic to mixed metal.

Towards the end of our walk, we reached this store - a tad late, it was almost closing time. However, it had an upto 81% OFF on almost all the brands from Levi's to Puma to Reebok to UCB. Or so we thought. One of those stores which provide you originals (NOT fakes) at throwaway prices, coz they are factory rejects. Wish we had more time to explore this store, but it was getting late. Next time, may be?

The last stop before we headed home was New Shanthi Sagar restaurant. I'll keep it to very few words here. Masala Papad. Paneer Tikka Masala. Butter Naan. Enough said. ;)

Other sights and sounds and smells as you walk through the streets:Garland shops. A temple or two. No wait, at least 6-7 temples. Vegetable vendors selling cute, baby-sized tomatoes.
Lots of big branded stores.
Hot Chips. We bought yummy banana chips here.
The sound of traffic & honking. But mostly as background noise.
Smells of food from the sweet shops. Like pedhas and rasmalai.

Friday, April 10, 2015


पूरी कर ले ए दिल आज मनमर्ज़ियाँ
सुन ले ख्वाहिशों की ये बेपनाह अर्ज़ियाँ
हाथों को उठा,छू ले आसमान में सजे हुए तारों को
नही देख पाती हैं यूँ आँखे रोज़ इन नज़ारों को

Monday, March 30, 2015

A Tryst with Fate...

Not one who smiled at sorrows was I
Till you cracked me up at the poorest joke
Now I stare at those troubles with a perpetual grin
With a glint of happiness that you did stoke

Not accustomed to measuring words was I
Till our sentences combined to form a dialogue that is complete
Words evade me now though there is much to say
But you read me like invisible ink on a pristine white sheet

Not one to lose control was I
Till the reins of my life flew miles yonder
When like a breeze you stormed my mind and left me confounded
And somehow I forgot what it meant to ponder

Not bound by fetters, nor Fate’s cuffs was I
Till that *one* detour my life's ship took
To sail and sink in your hypnotic eyes
All it takes is that *one* fleeting look

Not a believer in luck, nor destiny was I
Till paths crossed – my life’s book turned a hundred pages
Hearts are wild creatures, my friend
That’s why our ribs are cages! ;)

The Butterfly and the Moon

Some dreams come true
And this one did, too
From Spring to Fall
She lived it all
And then the caterpillar came out of her cocoon
With her newly sprouted wings spread wide
The Butterfly flew towards the Moon
His light showed her many a beautiful sight
As she merrily pranced through the night 
Unbound joy struck the right chords of her heart
No rehearsals were needed
She simply knew her part
His freckled face glowed
He began to feel flawless 
His lunacy she loved 
With a love that was lawless
The Moon knew her mind 
She knew his moody phases
In his light she blended so well
That the world was full of praises
You see, the Law of Visuals was at play
And yet he knew he could not stay
For a Greater Power held the final say
And they knew they should only walk the way
Ere too soon it was time to bid goodbye
And even the Heavens couldn't help but cry
They wept for the fate of the image that could not be
The beauty of their union the myopic world could not see
For the brutish world, their perfection did not suffice
So the Heavens pelted the world with stones of ice
You know, when hearts meet it must rain - as is the norm
But when souls meet - there cannot any less than a hailstorm!


She’s not one of the most beautiful you’ve seen
What with her ragged curves and abrupt edges
“Perfect?” Some would scoff –
“More like an incomplete arch with protruding wedges”
At first sight, “She’s quite a simpleton!” I thought
Not much wisdom nor fire – from her I sought

But soon she invited me to explore
Her quaint appearance made me want to know more
The secrets and sights she held beneath her simple guise
To the inquisitive and the daring
They are the most befitting prize

I woke up to witness her callow beauty every dawn
Unfledged, untainted
Like the pristine white feathers of a majestic swan
She doesn’t follow seasons
She doesn’t need no reasons
To show you a breathtaking canvas when she emotes
She’s the master of her own song, she makes her own notes

Her seductive terrain is sure to make you lose breath
You uncover wondrous mysteries as you tread
Her envy is as green as the greenest pine
Her love grows onto you like the walls of cozy homes
Adorned and captured in the embrace of the flowers on a vine

She blushes cherry blossom pink
As you stare at her in awe and think
If you’d ever be able to leave her and go
Now that her charm has you in tow

But even as you think of parting ways
“Wait till you see my tantrums!” she says
Unseasonal hailstorms are her reply
She refuses to change her Winter robe
To your request for warmth, she won’t comply

No, she will not put on her Spring dress!
She’s bared to you her all - and you leave her in distress?
She fears you’ll forget her warmth and care
And then you will not stop to stare

I stand at her gates, bereft
No words of consolation left
As it’s time to bid goodbye to my dearest Shillong
I know her tears will drown
The very path that I take to leave the town
But as one of her many lovers –
I must tell her before I walk away
I may not be in Shillong forever
But in me, Shillong will forever stay!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sing along, with the rain...

And sometimes, the rain just washes away all those tears
Pours happiness over faults and fears
It seeps through your skin and cleanses your heart
Showers on you, blessings, and becomes an irreplaceable part -
Of moments that bring peace, moments that you rejoice
The drops - they splutter-splatter and act as your inner voice
And so you sing, along with the rain
Till it makes you feel whole again

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Nothing more than a piece of meat torn to shreds,
Ragged, like the cloth that barely covers a beggar’s modesty,
Deserted, like the house after a turbulent storm,
Forgotten folklore, like a tale told in travesty.

Barren, like the infertile wastelands,
Unfinished, like Da Vinci’s ‘Adoration of the Magi’ – yearning for the stroke of that brush,
Glum, like the rainy day without the sun’s meddlesome rays,
Audacious, like that guy who tried to jumped off a cliff – yearning for a sense of that rush.

That is how I feel –
Shredded. Ragged. Deserted. Forgotten.
Barren. Unfinished. Glum. Audacious.
When “u” disappear from “us”

And our memories are nothing more than fallacious.